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Archive for November, 2007

Intentional Eye Candy: Julianne Hough

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Anytime you (you as in female) cause a member of the sporting world to leave his hot fiancée because of your seductive dancing style, you are automatically entered into the Intentional Eye Candy consideration queue. With that, allow me to introduce Julianne Hough, dance partner of Dancing with the Stars winner Helio Castroneves.

Apparently, Julianne’s allure was so strong that Castroneves announced he was leaving his fiancée Aliette Vazquez, another candidate for IEC award, shortly after the winner was announced. Perhaps we should have seen this coming. Before the competition was televised, Hough announced she was postponing her nuptials with fellow dancer, Zach Wilson.

Add to this the rumors of Hough and Castroneves’ friendly attitude towards each other and you have yourself the makings of a pretty good soap opera storyline. Anyway, enough of that. On with the pics of Julianne and all her blond hottie glory. Congratulations Julianne, you made reading about DWTS and open-wheel racing a lot more fun this week. Enjoy:

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

Does Bill Walker Have Incontinence?

This little ditty was sent to me by Jake Dubin and it’s a video of Kansas State’s Bill Walker apparently relieving his bladder in a towel… on the sidelines, during a game.

Perhaps Walker has a medical condition that he’s dealing with or maybe he just drank too much water at halftime. Whatever the case, there’s now a YouTube of the alleged incident.

There’s also a discussion going on at the Powercat Illustrated forums and judging by the consensus, it certainly appears as if Walker is indeed peeing in the towel. Damn, I love sports… and the Internet. Where else could you find such gems?

Thanks to Jake for the heads up. Now for the video. All the action happens to the left of the screen, by K-State’s bench:

Tom Brady: Not Just for Women Anymore

Tom BradyNo, we aren’t jumping to the other side of the fence or anything (not that there’s anything wrong with that), it’s just when you are presented with something like this, it, well, changes your perception a little… Apparently, Tom Brady appears to be eligible for an eye candy designation, and not just for the ladies anymore.

Thanks to a heads-up on Awful Announcing, we’ve learned Thomas Edward Brady, Jr. is now a candidate for Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive award. Esquire asked readers to send their candidates in via email and along with the usual suspects (Alba, Beyonce, Salma), the quarterback for the New England Patriots is also up for consideration. Past winners include the incredible Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson.

OK guys, how does Brady stack up to the competition? Will Giselle still want him if he’s voted as being a hotter woman than she is? Should he now be considered for the Intentional Eye Candy award as well?

So many questions that have no answers…

December Madness Is Almost Here

In a perfect world, the BCS wouldn’t exist and the lead division of college football would be prepping for their own version of Selection Sunday (and I’d be married to Monica Bellucci, but I digress). Well, thanks to the guys at the Bama Nation forum (via Yahoo), we now have an idea about how such a bracket would look:

College Football Bracket

FWIW, I’ve got USC, Georgia, West Virginia, and Florida making the Final Four. How about you?

IDK? My BFF, Iggles?

Eagles FansI’m so tempted to write this post using text message speak, but I’ll try to refrain… LOL. Anyway, Philadelphia Eagles fans attending home games can now text message stadium personnel from their seat if there’s a problem that needs the assistance of the Lincoln Financial Field staff. Thanks to a partnership between the Eagles and qtags, fans now have the ability to spam the stadium staff at will.

Here’s some corporate speak from the PRS RLS providing some details about the new service:

Eagles fans who need emergency help or who have a situation that requires the attention of stadium personnel can text a keyword to 78247 (q-t-a-g-s). This initial text creates a channel for private communication between the fan and stadium support staff, allowing both to communicate back and forth using a web interface and the fan’s mobile phone. The keyword is communicated to fans via in-stadium signage and the Lincoln Financial Field scoreboard.

While this sounds like a good idea, especially considering just how rowdy Eagles fans can get, I can just see this system getting overloaded with txt msgs from Cowboy fans, sending such gems like, “Iggles SUX!!! LOL!” or “ANDY REED NEEDS REHAB!!! LOL!” …anyway, you get the picture. The potential for misusing this service is almost as big as the help it can provide.

Update (11:51am)
I was informed by Allison Gower, President and Founder of qtags, via email that the messages will be moderated for content in an effort to weed out the potential spammers and those that would abuse the service. I still say they will get a great deal from opposing fans discussing the shortcomings of the Eagles, in txt spk of course. However, these will probably be deleted. LOLS!!!!!

Bob Knight Thinks This is Absolute [Expletive]

Bobby KnightA word to the wise: If Texas Tech coach Bob Knight is hunting on or near your property, your best bet is to ignore him and hope that he’ll either go away or won’t shoot you with a shotgun full of birdshot pellets… at least, that’s one version of the story going around about alleged shooting incidents involving Coach Robert Montgomery Knight.

Mary Ann Chumley said she was struck on the foot by a stray pellet on Oct. 20 in an incident she characterized as an accident. She said Knight apologized for hunting too close to her barn and she forgave him.

Another resident near the dove field said the coach and another hunter returned the next day and one of them intentionally fired a shotgun in his direction.

James Simpson told Lubbock police he was struck on the neck and back by pellets after yelling at Knight and another man he believed were hunting too close to his house.

When asked about his reaction to the story, Coach Knight said he thought the shooting claims were “absolute [expletive],” making Coach Knight one of the most eloquent speakers of our time. At least he didn’t throw a chair at them.

Mizzou’s Run is Over: Chase Daniel Makes SI Cover

Well Missouri, it was fun while it lasted. I guess the guys at Sports Illustrated would rather see the Buckeyes of Ohio State (surely you aren’t talking about THE Ohio State?) play in the BCS Football National Championship Game than the Missouri Tigers. What else can explain Chase Daniel’s appearance on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated?

Chase Daniel

Will this designation doom Missouri when they face Oklahoma on Saturday or will they continue to shock the world and beat them, overcoming the SI cover curse and ESPN’s apparent snubbing?

BCS = Bad College Stupid?

There are a lot of opinions about the NCAA’s use of the BCS to decide their national champion in college football and most of them are not very supportive. In fact, most commentary throws this particular method under a bus, hoping it will get crushed under the wheels, making way for a playoff system. While it’s doubtful this will ever happen in my lifetime, hoping for a brighter future isn’t a bad thing.

One such noted commentator has thrown his hat into the argument ring and has decided to share his feelings about the BCS. If this upcoming little diatribe doesn’t inspire change in the NCAA, there really is no hope for a non-BCS world in D1 college football. The commentator I am referring to is, of course, Carl from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force clan. Carl is not one to shy away from sharing his opinion on all things sports and in his latest rant, he turns his considerable focus on the Bowl Championship Series.

And hey, if Carl’s dreams do come true, we won’t have to deal with names like “Football Bowl Subdivision” and go back to more logical designations like, oh, I don’t know, Division 1… Anyway, enjoy Carl’s rant.